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Tell Us Your Story (Overview) - Limit 500 Words
Help our judges understand why you are an Employee Communication and Engagement rock star. Share an overview of your work and the measurable impact its had on your employees and your organization.
We Feel Your Pain (Problem) - Limit 250 Words
From securing budget to getting executive buy-in, there are a host of challenges that can get in the way of your vision for improving Employee Communication and Engagement. Share some of the key challenges you had to overcome and changes you implemented to move the needle for your employees and your organization.
Brag About It! (Solution) - Limit 250 Words
The status quo just wasn’t good enough for you. And we love that! Tell us about what you did and why it matters. What was your strategy? What tools did you use? How did it fit into your broader communication plan? What made your approach and execution unique and innovative? How has your work resonated with employees and leadership?
Share Your Success (Outcome) - Limit 250 Words
What was your secret? Please tell us how you’ve measured success to showcase the impact of your work. How have you created alignment, deepened connections, and reached busy, often unreachable employees in new and meaningful ways? What did you learn and how did you optimize? What data or metrics are you able to link to business outcomes or results?
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